My writing spark was ignited when I was short listed in a BBC competition, “End of Story.” (2004). This resulted in a trip to London and a couple of minutes T.V coverage on BBC 3, which gave me the impetus I needed to continue. I wrote more short stories, joined a writing group and entered more competitions. When in 2007 the first three chapters of the original Memory of Wood, were longlisted by Cinnamon Press, the idea that the Memory of Wood could become a novel was set. That was published back in 2011. I’m now working on a fourth book. It’s in first draft stage so a long way to go!

Creative Writers @ The Museum

I joined this writing group 6 years ago. We’re lucky enough to be able to meet at Abington Park Museum and use the artefacts and exhibitions to stimulate our work. We then produce a Portfolio to accompany each exhibition for the visiting public to read.